So my hubby and I decided it was time to try for a wee bebe….but I knew that coming off the "pill" would be challenging. I knew I needed help getting my cycle in check. I remembered how heavy, how painful, how incapacitating they used to be. The Maya belly massage is phenomenal – for me it was a wake up call – what I didn’t know about this body I am walking around in – WOW. I consider the belly work sacred and it started to change my periods right away. Beth teaches you self care so you can do the belly massage yourself. For my challenges we used herbs, acupuncture (did not hurt!) and the belly massage. Beth gave me some great advice on diet to not only help with my periods/ hormone balance, but also to prepare my womb for pregnancy. I am thrilled! I feel awesome – energy is up, no weird hormonal head aches, cramping has all but gone, and for once I truly feel I am taking care of myself. I can’t wait to continue with Beth for prenatal care. Ladies! your periods don’t have to be horrible, there are self nurturing holistic fertility options!! Go to Beth – your womb will thank you! – Silvia F.

I was very VERY pregnant with our second child and at 34 weeks well, we had a breech babe on our hands. I found Zoe Lotus and Beth online and also through a recommendation from a friend. I had acupuncture only twice before for neck pain. Beth said we didn’t even need to do needles! We did what’s called moxa therapy, burning this herb (mugwort?) over the two points on my little toes for 15 minutes. About half way through, the baby was very active. Beth did some wonderful massage for my low back, neck, and tired sore swollen feet : ) heaven! She sent me home with my own moxa, instructions for use and we checked babe’s position 5 days later….and voila! Head down! Hooray for the moxa! Hooray for Zoe Lotus and Beth Webber – she’s amazing. Wish I would have found her sooner. Once this baby’s born, I plan to go back for some much needed TLC. Beth calls it "mothering the mother". I can’t wait! Love you Zoe Lotus!! – Tam H.

I have been receiving massage and acupuncture treatments for over 10 years. In all that time, and with all the many "experts" I saw, only Beth changed my life. I battled chronic digestive problems for over five years with absolutely no medical relief even though I visited specialist after specialist. With that first session, my health began to change. Beth treats with such expertise and TLC. She listens intently and compassionately. I am happy to say that I am now 5 years symptom free! – Jennifer B.

Beth is a kind, caring soul and a wonderful healer. She treated my allergy and sinus problems with acupuncture and herbs. Prenatal acupuncture and massage treatments helped throughout my pregnancy, but especially in the last trimester. She is a kind, caring soul and a wonderful healer. No one compares to Beth! – Amy M

It is hard to put into words the help that Beth gave my family and me over the years. She has helped my mind, body and spirit. Beth has seen me through the pregnancies and births of two children, helped me with the stresses of life and challenges of being a full time attorney, wife, and mom. Acupuncture and massage absolutely healed an infected breast duct I got while nursing my first child and helped me to avoid treatment with antibiotics. Beth helped us with the planning of our second child, teaching me about my cycles, my fertility signs – more than I ever knew about my own body. Beth is a treasure to keep close to your spirit. – Rebecca P.

Beth has a very gentle method for inserting the acupuncture needles. You don’t feel them going in but you do feel them working. The whole experience with her is therapeutic on many levels. From the moment you enter her treatment room, her caring and attentive nature assures you that you’re in the right place. I came to Beth with digestive issues, anxiety, and neck and back pain. She not only treated me but also educated me on proper nutrition and stretching techniques, which enabled me to help myself. No ego there. She wants her patients to be well and whole. – Miriam L.

Beth is fabulous about guiding your recovery from every approach whether it is massage, herbs, acupuncture or even just exercise. She really takes the time to listen to you and truly cares for all her patients/clients. When I started with Beth 2 years ago I was very afraid of needles. She has a gentle approach to things and helped me to work through my fear so I could start feeling better. I was also on a variety of medication for allergies, asthma, and for digestion problems but after a few months I was off all my medication! That was phenomenal and I never felt better in my life. You feel revived and energized after a treatment – ready to take on the stress of work, family & life again. – Samantha D.

I have been a fitness professional for seventeen years. Some of the ailments that Beth helped me with were insomnia, tendonitis of the elbows, achy knees and shoulders. She was also able to help me when my Dad passed – for low-grade depression and the grieving process. A wonderful healer and spirit! – Jose F.

Amazing! When I first started seeing Beth I was a complete mess. I couldn’t sleep and almost every type of food made my stomach hurt. First she cleared my system and started re-introducing foods one type at a time. Then we started the acupuncture…. and I started to sleep well and de-stress. I looked forward to every visit! Seattle, you are so lucky to have her – we are still looking for her replacement! – Elizabeth G.

Beth has a true gift at alternative healing. As a massage therapist myself, not only is she the best, but she has also been inspirational. And with acupuncture, she was extremely beneficial throughout my pregnancy. As a matter of fact, she was the one to suggest me being pregnant before I even figured it out. She helped me to control my carpal tunnel and create relief from daily stress. Also after much encouragement and education, she was a key player in a beautiful natural birthing experience. – Jenny K.

You never realize how good it feels to be truly healthy, until you are! Now, after Beth’s guidance and regiments, I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been. Beth has a true gift for healing and emits a very positive and genuine energy for each individual’s overall health and well-being. She is truly passionate at what she does and possesses a knowledge of the healing arts that is very comforting, especially in a time of need. She has always given me very personal, one-on-one care, which has made my experiences with her very
reassuring, peaceful and trusting. – Gaby A.