Effects of the Work

All modalities practiced at Zoe Lotus Healing Arts are geared to nourish the body, mind, heart and spirit.
We facilitate your sacred connection and reconnection with your body, your core, your womb, your heart, your spirit and with the Divine.

With this in mind…

  • REST as much as your body says REST. Trust your body to tell you how much is enough.
  • DRINK plenty of water, with organic lemon if you have it. Water is good for making adjustments and cleansing.
  • EAT WELL. Prepare your meals when possible. Eat a well balanced diet, full of fresh organic foods.
  • EXERCISE. The body is made to MOVE. Walking, cycling, yoga, dance, tai chi, Pilates, body weight calisthenics, swimming…there is something for everyone. Take your pick!
  • Be the OBSERVER. Deep-seated patterns, symptoms, or emotions may come up in order to be released.  This is good! Allow yourself to let them go.
  • BREATHE deeply. Into your lower belly, and all the way down to your feet
  • Make time for PRAYER or MEDITATION.
  • Be GENTLE with yourself.
  • Be OPEN to your body’s self-healing capabilities.
  • Practice GRATITUDE for your present health and well being.

Frequently Asked Questions