What To Expect

Here’s what you can expect during your first visit:

• Your complete health history will be reviewed to decide on the proper course of treatment.

• With classical Acupuncture, needles are hair-thin and inserted just under the skin. With Japanese Toyohari style acupuncture, the needles are not inserted at all!

• For your safety, all needles are sterile, single use and disposable.

• Acupuncture is very relaxing for most people. Needling sensation depends on individual sensitivities.

• Massage, aromatherapy, herbal recommendations, and nutritional / lifestyle counseling may be used based on the condition.

For more information about Maya Abdominal Massage click here.

• Initial visits typically last 90 minutes.  Subsequent visits may be 45 minutes to one hour.

• Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

• Acupuncture and massage may be covered by your insurance.  Please consult your insurance provider for more information regarding your benefits.   Typically you will not even need a referral.

• Fertility support patients – please be sure to bring in any and all test results or lab work.  If charting your cycles using FAM, please bring them with you. If undergoing ART, please have all related treatment information with you.