Beth has been featured on the nationally syndicated, Dr. Pat Show, with a series of live radio interviews to discuss the latest happenings at Zoe Lotus and other pertinent topics.

To listen to previous shows, please click on the links below:

Show 1: 09/12/07

The Giving Life Series starts off with Stress, Anxiety and Depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Show 2: 09/24/07

Anxiety and Depression — The Giving Life Series

Show 3: 10/02/07

The Giving Life Series — Seasonal Affective Disorder

Show 4: 10/31/07

Menstrual Health: The Maiden — Myths and Magic of the Moon

Show: 5: 11/14/07

Massage and acupuncture for digestive issues and weight management

Show: 6: 11/28/07

Fertility, Prenatal and Postpartum Care: Conscious Conception, Nurturing Moms-to-be and Mothering the Mother

Show 7: 12/18/07

Menopause: The Crone — Rites of Passage