Zoe Lotus Philosophy

The healing wisdom brought forth by each of us is many centuries old. We are self-healing beings. The more we tune into and feel this body/mind/spirit connection, the richer our journey becomes… Our lives are at ease. At times we may get caught in the more superficial, hectic, chaotic river of life. Our emotions may take over. We may become disconnected and experience “dis” ease. At Zoe Lotus Healing Arts we are passionate about promoting body/mind/spirit. We believe in the self-healing capabilities inherent within each of us and facilitate the same… In the grander realm, we are students and we are teachers… We offer a unique blend of Maya Abdominal Massage, herbals, gentle Acupuncture – classical and Japanese (Toyohari), general massage, prenatal and postpartum  massage, breath work, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations in each session.

We joyfully specialize in women’s wellness, supporting women from puberty through menopause and beyond.  For the Maiden, the Mother, the Crone….Love yourself, love your life!

Thank you for inviting us on your journey.